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Attention Professors: I would love to see my book and software adopted in more institutions. I currently teach three classes using the book as the primary text however it also makes a great DSP Lab/Workbook text that could accompany or follow a traditional DSP or DSP-for-Audio class. My students use their Plug-Ins as demos during interviews with potential employers. They can demo their real-time signal processing Plug-In on their laptop without opening a compiler or math program and in some cases, the students give a free VST version to the interviewer. In speaking with several professionals in the Plug-In community there is a feeling that higher education is somewhat MatLAB-centric and that MatLAB alone is not enough to be prepared for a real-time signal processing job right out of the University. I recently overheard a grad-student say “I can do anything in MatLAB… as long as someone else already wrote a function or toolbox for it.” Additionally, I’d love to see RackAFX plug-ins being used to demonstrate new signal processing algorithms at AES show papers. I have heard numerous presenters make comments like “we would love it if someone would turn this into a Plug-In.” Now you can! I can also help you try to form lab lesson plans for your own classes if you like. – WP.