Integrated Drag and Drop GUI Designer

The Easiest Plugin GUI Designer on the planet!

The Drag and drop GUI Designer allows you to easily create your own GUIs with a minimum of effort. Import all the custom graphics and controls you like and create beautiful GUIs with advanced features like tabbed panels, custom real-time graphics, and automatic built-in GUI sizing for the user. An infinite number of off-screen views allows you to assemble any style GUI you want, modern or photo-realistic, simple or complex. RackAFX leverages the VSTGUI4 library – an advanced and mature cross-platform compatible set of C++ objects – to generate its slick GUIs. This library is well documented and easy to customize with sub-controllers and custom views.

Two GUI Designers with RackAFX

In addition to the built-in GUI designer, your RackAFX plugins also include their own VSTGUI4 WYSIWYG drag and drop GUI designer that you launch and use exactly as described in the ASPiK and Steinberg documentation. This GUI designer does not have some of the advanced RackAFX features such as saving user templates that can be dragged and dropped like other controls. But it does feature numerous C++ objects that the RackAFX GUI Designer does not include, such as video (movie) controls, shadowed containers, and row-column list controls just to name a few. With RackAFX, you get the best of both GUI designer worlds. You can freely move back and forth if you like, though you are encouraged to only use the secondary designer after your ASPiK export (if desired).