ASPiK Export

Take your Plugins to the Public!

When you have finished your algorithm design and testing, you can export your plugin core guts in the ASPiK plugin framework format. You can easily generate AAX, AU and VST3 plugins for MacOS or Windows and you can also combine your projects so that you create only one Xcode project for AAX, AU and VST3 or one Visual Studio project for AAX and VST3 – build once and all plugins are generated, one after the next. Exporting the project will leave all RackAFX specific code behind and give you just the core plugin processing and GUI implementation elements. If you design your plugin objects responsibly, you can easily transport them to other frameworks because all RackAFX and ASPiK projects are 100% C++ code that you control – there are no hidden libraries or other gotchas. 

ASPiK GUI Designer

Your ASPiK project includes its own GUI Designer that you can use to continue development (or start from scratch) right inside your favorite DAW. Design, debug and create your plugin GUI with the VSTGUI4 WYSIWYG GUI designer.