IR Capture/Playback and Filter Design

Advanced Engineering Design Features!

RackAFX was designed from the get-go as an engineering tool for active DSP programmers. There are two specific modules that are built-in as System Modules: IR Convolver and FIR Filter Designer. With RackAFX, you can take impulse responses of your plugin at any time and save the result as a .wav file, which can then be exported to your tool of choice. In addition, you can import IR files packaged in the .wav format with a simple drop of the files into your IR0124 folder. You can convolve your IRs with any source material and even scroll through the IR list, slotting each IR in and out with RackAFX’s multi-threaded audio processing system. 

Classical FIR Design:

RackAFX also includes a FIR filter design tool that uses the Optimal (Parks-McClellan) and frequency sampling method algorithms to generate FIR filters for your designs; since the design sample rate is independent of the source audio rate, you can use this to design FIR filters for sample rate conversion. You can also design meticulously crafted, complex FIR filters to emulate strange or unique responses with the frequency sampling method and as with all things RackAFX, you can hear your results in realtime as you modify the filter design parameters!