Audio Test and Measure Tools

Algorithm Verification!

So, you’ve designed your complicated filter and you believe the coefficient calculations are correct. The filter sounds like it is working, but how can you guarantee your filter specs for your customers? Or your professors? Enter the RackAFX Audio Analyzer panel – this innovative test tool allows you to measure the impulse, step, frequency and phase responses of your filter or audio plugin system all at once. As you move your GUI controls around, the system continues making real-time measurements showing you the results at the same time. You can click on the frequency or phase response plots to make exact measurements for frequency, phase and amplitude. 

The Analyzer includes a digital scope complete with triggering and other options you find on your lab scope along with a spectrum analyzer capable of making FFT measurements with lengths from 1024 to 131072 points. You can also export your analyzer data in C++ or MATLAB array format to easily cut and paste results. 

Test External Gear

The RackAFX oscillator’s sinusoidal oscillator is designed for high performance and can be used to test both plugins and external gear. You can use the line out to send audio to your hardware DUT and then capture the result using the “sample from audio adapter input” (or line-in) feature. You can generate numerous test signals including sinusoidal sweeps, impulse trains, and pulsed cosines in addition to white and pink noise.