Massive Prototyping Panel

Prototype to your heart’s content!

The Prototyping panel in RackAFX scrolls to reveal 1044 control slots that you can populate with knobs, buttons, meters, and more for rapid setup and testing of your algorithms. The built-in prototype-control linker allows you to easily setup your plugin parameter limits, defaults, units and then connect the GUI control to linked variables. You can have your algorithm up and running in a matter of a few minutes. RackAFX makes this as simple as possible while avoiding the pitfalls of trying to learn audio programming with bloated frameworks and licensing issues. Download an AES paper and start coding right away!

Designed for Learning 

RackAFX was originally designed as a teaching tool to allow students to come up to speed with real-time audio and DSP algorithm design and development. I use it in the classroom to bring students up to speed in one semester each for FX and synth plugin design. The prototyping panel includes a trackpad that can also serve as a vector joystick for synth plugins. 

Rearrange the Controls

A recent addition to RackAFX allows you to rearrange, copy, and delete multiple GUI control slots at once. You can replicate entire rows or columns of controls. There are around 100 built-in GUI knob graphics to give you many customization options to separate the prototyping panel into various processing zones.