GUI Gallery

GUI Gallery

Here is a collection of some GUIs that were designed in the RackAFX GUI Designer with VSTGUI controls. They range from simple to complex. If you have made a great GUI, take a screenshot of it, submit it to me via the Contact page and I will post it here! Click on an image to see it full-size.


PolygonSheep: Stealth Delay NOTE: uses Advanced GUI API and a pure custom view



DecadeBridge: Speculum



Gwen: PolySynth



Gwen: DigiSynth skinned as Roland Digital Piano



Frederick Siepe: Odin



Akhil Singh: DigiSynth



Andy Stockton: GrainRunner



Evan Shenkman: RotoSynth



Andy Stockton: Synth-Boy



Akhil Singh: QTron-BassBalls clone



Akhil Singh: ME-70 clone



Jackson Firlik: Prophet-5 clone



Jackson Firlik: RE-20 clone



Andy Stockton: RE-20 Space Echo



Maciej Piechoczek: Hybrid Synth



Kerline Moncy: Q-Tron + BassBalls clone